In the world of 3D printing a powder-based metal 3D printing system, in theory, could be used to 3D print many different metal powders, as long as they do not mess with the laser.  As an example, cooper would be extremely difficult to 3D print due to its incredible heat transfer property.

There should be an ability to 3D print precious metals such as gold, but very few 3D printers do this for one big reason.

Security Challenges with Precious Metals

The values of precious metals are huge and even small amounts of such metals are quite valuable.  Any spillage of powdered gold, for example, would be a security issue. The cost of seeing security programs to avoid employees making off with amounts of previous metals worth a lot.

As a result, most 3D printing services don’t provide precious metals as an option. The ideal candidates for actually 3D printing precious metals will have existing facilities that have already set up the required security systems.

At NeoMetrix we provide printing service with materials that are designed to be just a strong and durable as some precious metals, but more cost-effective for you and us.


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