The technology of 3D printing is more popular than ever. This is now available to a wider audience and not just a select group of people or a certain industry. 3d printing is blossoming as this technology is becoming one of the fastest growing trends today.

One of the most popular 3d printers is the Cube 3D printer. It comes in at around $1,299. This price is certainly not cheap, but it is more affordable than the previous prices that were initially priced for 3d printers. This has meant that members of the general public can now easily get their hands on their own printer and explore the possibilities that 3d printing holds.

The technology of 3d printing has been used to create some amazing things and it has also been used to create some pretty weird creations, as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most ingenious ways in which 3d printing has been used.

How about seeing your brand new baby before he/she is due to be born?! Then you need to get in touch with the Fasotec engineering company in Japan. They can successfully use an MRI scan to capture your little one’s facial features and then print off a model of your baby’s face. This allows the parents to see what their child will look like before even being born. Check out the impressive video below of a little child getting to see its 3d printed face.

There has already been talk of 3d printed organs being successfully created with more advancement due in the coming years. However, medics and surgeons are already using 3d printing and have successfully rebuilt one patients face and built a new skull using 3d printing.