The technology of 3d printing is as powerful as a double-edged sword. It is transforming technology and improving society for the better. But are we aware of the potential negative consequences that come from this technological breath of fresh air?Bio Printing human organs ethical or not

We can all agree that 3d printing technology is booming and progressing at a frightening rate of pace. It’s fair to say that this technology does not sleep and seems to be advancing in major ways every day. The number of applications that 3d printing can and is already being used is far too many to think of listing. One area that may be about causing a spark of debate is that 3d printing is being used in Bio-Printing human organs tissues and for the development and creation of human body parts.

The use of 3d printing in Bio-Printing research has been a revelation in the fight against illnesses such as cancer, heart issues, liver, kidney, and even diabetes. In previous blogs, we have heard how medical science and medical research has embraced the capabilities of 3d printing to help find cures for these currently incurable illnesses.

Everyone has their right to their own opinion and opinions will always vary. This is simply down to the individual’s beliefs or morals. But where do morals lie when you are faced with the decision to either turn to technology to find the cure for that illness or let that person die because you don’t agree with the way the cure has been researched and found?

These are tough questions and it’s a different spin on today’s blog. The 3d printer should be embraced no doubt as it has impacted and revolutionized every industry it has touched. The purpose of today’s blog is to stir the mind, get you thinking in deciding on what side of the fence do you stand? You’re either for 3d bio-printing or against. If it was your life in the balance, would you still be against and where would your morals be?

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