The world of 3d printing is bustling with life and is one of the most talked about, and followed technologies at this time. Every day there are new stories and benchmarks being set by this ever- advancing technology and the professional printing and scanning services that it offers.

The projects and objects which have been created and brought to life through 3d printing is vast and varies across a large range of industries, anything from prosthetic limbs to small trinkets, toys, clothes, and food are all being printed successfully using a 3d printer.

Recently, the art world has been wowed by 3d printing’s next achievement, the technology has taken art to the next level. It allows the artist to drawing and doodle into thin air using the “first ever created 3d pen.”

The three-dimensional doodler or 3Doodler is retailing at just around $99, and at this price, it is quite a buy.  Currently, only available for pre-order, they are due to ship to recipients in early February of 2014. This new product has been causing a bit of a stir and appears to be a big market seller already.

The doodler’s users can now bring their ideas, creations, and thoughts to life—literally—wherever they want. It could be on the plane, at the café, heck, even on the toilet if they wished to do so!

As mentioned above, three-dimensional technology is advancing every day and innovators are doing all they can to come up with and design more ways it can be used.  With limitless abilities, it looks like it’s going to stay a while.  It has been amazing to watch all the new developments and it almost boggles the mind to think of what other crazy, ingenious, and helpful inventions will be discovered.