There have been all sorts of imaginative, helpful, downright crazy creations brought to life through 3d printing. Artists, engineers and inventors have been in a frenzy trying to bring their own ideas to the table. They want their idea and invention to be the “next big thing,” from running shoes, custom iPhone cases, 3d printed guns, as well as, talk of 3d printed prosthetic limbs for humans this technology holds no limits!

The reason there are more and more headlines breaking each day is down to a few reasons. The actual costs of the printers and products that come with it have seen a reduction into a more reasonable and affordable price range. This has allowed more people to bring this technology in-house, resulting in a spike of sales. Smaller companies no longer have to outsource their work as they can now afford desktop three-dimensional printing equipment now available on the market.

As mentioned above, many varieties of inventions have been brought to life, one of the best and most recent is a 3d printed toothbrush. Everyone knows how important brushing your teeth is and is hopefully part of people’s daily routines. From the traditional solid toothbrush to the modern electric model, the engineers at Blizzident have taken the toothbrush to the next level creating the first 3D printed brush.

3d printed toothbrush

Blizzident’s created  toothbrush are tailor-made to the users mouth, no more hours of manual brushing, in fact, all you have to do is bite down to start the teeth cleaning process. At first glance, this toothbrush appears to look more like a pair of dentures in need of a haircut. The bristles are designed specifically and are a major factor in the cleaning process. Experts are claiming that teeth are completely clean within six seconds.  This has yet to be proven; nevertheless, it’s still pretty amazing and looks the part.