The technology of 3D printing is remarkable. In the last year or so, more companies have clicked onto the many benefits 3D printing offers for product development. It’s fast, effective, highly accurate, and it cuts traditional manufacturing costs by more than 50 percent. Is it any wonder that this type of technology has raised to the top and continues to be one of the most sought after technologies around?

Many companies have experienced successful trials using 3D printing; some of which, the results includes better quality products, quicker product-to-market turnaround time, and mass savings in the overall production costs.

Today, we are going to have a look one super car designer, who experimented with 3D printing to better develop his design. He created an individual, unique, and prominent design to exceed far above other competitors.

Designer, Fardess Rezvani, utilized three-dimensional printed components to keep the weight of the vehicle from becoming too much. The digital manufacturing process was used in the development of the super car’s “front diffuser, mirrors, and lights,” * which kept it light in weight.

By using 3D printing the designer was able to print exact, yet upgraded replica of the car’s front diffuser. This was a key factor in helping make the BEAST 500 supercar lighter, thus making it faster.

This demonstration alone is convincing proof that advanced 3D print equipment is fully capable of successfully manufacturing auto products and parts during its concept development. Moreover, the materials the parts are made from are durable enough to be fitted onto the final vehicle.

The average super car could set you back a cool $350,000 easy; however, the bidding on the BEAST™ starts at a nice $125,000 that’s a snip in the supercar world.

As 3D printers advance and a wider variety of materials become readily available to use, expect the slow progression and use of this technology to explode sooner rather than later. It will be one, if not the main reason, for many successes in the future of car manufacturing and concept development.


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