The Most Advanced 3D Printers on the Market: F123 Series by Stratasys

In recent news this week, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and 3D printing powerhouse, Stratasys, are collaborating to launch a series of 3D printing hospitals. The VA hospitals of Albuquerque, Puget Sound, San Antonio, Boston and Orlando will all be equipped by Stratasys with 3D printers and materials. Aside from supplying the equipment, Stratasys will also be giving professional training to each respective hospital’s employees.


People are beginning to take notice of the impact 3D printing can have on the medical industry, with 3D printed prosthetics, hips, intestines and more already having been produced and used successfully across the globe. The benefits this technology reaps are unlike anything doctors have ever worked with. According to radiologist Beth Ripley of the VA, “This 3D-printing network is a significant step forward in how we approach patient treatments. The technology not only enables 3D models of a patient’s unique anatomy for diagnosis and treatment, but can also be used to engineer personalized health solutions for veterans—including prostheses and assistive technologies.”

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