Within the 3D printing industry, we have learned that the quality of the printing materials is just as important in creating a quality physical item as the 3D printer itself. Without quality materials, it is only a matter of time before the 3D print object will break down. We are finding this to be more true each day with the amazing materials to be used for 3D printing. One such company that continues to produce these materials is Stratasys.

Stratasys, one of the leading world providers of 3D printing and manufacturing, has just released Endur, a durable, tough material that will be perfect for parts that need flexible hinges or snap-fitted items. These materials will be able to be used in all Objet Connex, Objet500 Connex3, Objet EdenV, and Objet 30Pro 3D printers.

These materials will have the appearance and act as polypropylene, similar to the makeup of standard plastics. This 3D printing result will be able to quickly confirm if the designs are a perfect fit before producing mass production of assemblies, etc.

In the video below, the Stratasys Product Marketing Manager, Boaz Jacobi, shares more about the amazing innovation of Endur and takes a look at how strong and flexible this can be. Watch what it can do.

Endur has the function of offering high impact resistance which results in stronger, durable parts. They can also endure up to 129 degrees Fahrenheit and its properties make the material perfect for a large array of fit, form and assembly applications. Endur is available in just the bright white color and prints out to a perfect smooth, clean look. This white color is perfect for just about anything that needs this type of material, including consumer goods, household appliances, auto parts and other equipment needs.

It is so exciting to see what companies, like Stratasys, are doing and the impact that they have on NeoMetrix and our industry. Read more about 3D printing and scanning on our blog or visit us on Twitter today.