NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc, of Lake Mary, FL has signed with Steinbichler Vision Systems, a world-class company offering 3D scanning technology, to represent  the Comet line of structured light scanning systems.

According to Dan Perreault, President of NeoMetrix, “The Comet 5 from Steinbichler represents the pinnacle of performance in 3D scanning.  With unparalleled accuracy and resolution, we see this system as the perfect complement to our existing product line.”

Based on industry-proven foundations, the COMET5 with its new projection technology reaches new performance levels for high-speed measurements. This is enabling the data acquisition in the digitization process to be completed in 1/6 th. of the time which is a deciding advantages when measuring in rough industrial environments prone to vibration. The consequent utilization of the latest PC hardware and software technologies (parallel processing, 64 bit operation system and application software) furthermore enables an extremely fast post-processing of the measured data. The combination of the proven one-camera-technique and the newly developed projection technology guarantees high-speed measurements as well as excellent data quality. COMET5 completes all measurements fast and accurately and is therefore ideally suited for efficient use in quality control next to the production line.

The rigid construction of the system is extremely stabile which allows the system to be operated in a wide temperature range and the high-power external light source further improves the system temperature stability. Owing to its high physical stability, the sensor is perfectly suitable for automated measuring applications. The sensor can be operated on an industrial robot without the risk of acceleration forces influencing the measuring accuracy. COMET5 thereby guarantees a high reproducibility of the highly accurate measurement results, in addition to having the advantage of minimizing the need for system recalibration.

3D scanning can be used for a variety of applications, including reverse engineering and computer aided inspection.  Steinbichler scanners are compatible with popular 3d software packages from Geomagic, Rapidform and Polyworks.