Every day, we continue to see stories of how 3D printing and scanning is evolving and is transforming lives around us. Over time, we will all see how these technologies will be affecting us on a daily basis. One of the latest amazing announcements is from the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute in Louisville, Kentucky. They have already been working on the process of creating a 3D printed heart, that includes blood vessels, and would effectively work and function as a natural heart would.

This will obviously take much time to develop as our human hearts are so complex and to print out a replica heart that would be able to function, normally, will be a fascinating challenge. As you may know, cardiovascular disease is the top killer of adults in the United States, as well as other countries around the world. Imagine how many lives could be saved by the possible heart replacement before it became too late for someone we care about or possibly ourselves!


Because of how detailed this intricate this process could be, scientists are predicting it may take three to five years to print the perfect model of the heart and in possibly less than ten years, we would see this working in humans. Though this may seem far off, the idea that this could help save thousands of people of the 600,000 Americans that die every year from heart disease.

The 3D print heart would involve even using the patient’s own cells that could be used in the creation. The belief behind this is because of how many hearts have been rejected from the body, coming from another patient.  The University of Louisville has already created and printed small veins with cells and human heart valves. Scientists have also tested the small blood vessels on small animals, including mice.

A combination of the natural and artificial heart, running smoothly, is when this perfect 3D printed heart would be ready. For more information on our 3D printing and scanning services, click here. Also, follow us on Twitter today.


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