Revo CMM measuring systems, now available from Renishaw Oceania , provide a dynamic new measuring system, designed to maximise CMM throughput while maintaining high levels of accuracy.

These probes use synchronised motion and Renscan5 measurement technology to minimise the effects of CMM motion at ultra high measurement speeds, with the use of a flexible tip sensing probe system further adding to the systems’ accuracy and flexibility.

Two scanning probe tips are available for use with Revo CMM measuring systems – the RSP2 and RSP3.

The RSP2 is a dedicated, lightweight tip-sensing probe that is capable of 2D scanning and 3D touch trigger measurement. A number of different length stylus holders can be fitted to these probes, with a maximum reach of 500mm.

The RSP3 probe complements the RSP2 probe, providing 3D scanning and crank stylus capabilities. It can also be used for 3-axis scanning.

While calibration on traditional CMM measuring systems consumes a considerable amount of time, Revo units adopt a unique calibration technique that determines the actual head and probe geometry, allowing measurement in any position from a single operation.

This dramatically reduces calibration time that could otherwise be used for part measurement.