There are many technical sounding terms that are linked with the technology of 3d printing and 3d scanning. The problem is that some people are put off this technology, as it sounds far too technical for them to understand and get a handle on it. For example, take a look at rapid prototyping, and technical term, that is a popular service associated with 3D printing.

3d printed tiny bench

What exactly is rapid prototyping?

Physical objects and models are quickly created using computer-aided design data; this is known as (CAD). Rapid prototyping is used in many industries throughout the world for product concepts. The beauty of rapid prototyping is that it allows companies to successfully create quality finished products from their initial idea and design stage.

Rapid prototyping has many benefits some of which are:

  • It allows more time and flexibility during the design process, meaning multiple designs can be evaluated before the best one is selected.
  • Better quality finished products, less production flaws in the design process.Design ideas can be created easily and with speed.
  • Specific parts and components can be designed and made to fit perfectly each time they are made.

The term rapid prototyping is more commonly known as an additive process where layers being infused on top of each other in cross sections using heat and laser technology to create a physical object. Many of the same articles or shapes can be made fast through when using three-dimensional printing equipment.

This printing technology has the ability to create solid form models within a few hours, compared to traditional methods of manufacturing that took days. The time that projects are completed also depends on the type 3d printer and its performance functions. Case in point, a desktop 3D printer is not capable of creating what a Connex Printer can print.

With three-dimensional printing and laser scanners retailing at lower reasonable prices nowadays, it is becoming more and more widely used among a varied audience of users. Manufacturers to hobbyists alike are all taking advantage of the high quality benefits this technology brings.