Modern technology has gripped us all, in some form, e.g. cell phones, televisions, automatic parallel parking, and GPS to name a few. Very few industries (if there actually is any) that have been left untouched or influenced for the better by technological advancements.

Today, we will look at laser technology and the mark it is leaving on major industries. Queensland Police, in Australia, announced to the public they are using laser scanning technology. The device is known as the Zebedee scanner.

A highly skilled team from the CSIRO, which is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organization, successfully created and developed a high tech spring loaded laser scanner that is handheld and highly accurate at collecting surrounding data.


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The benefits of using the Zebedee hand held 3d scanner is that it is lightweight and easy to carry around. It can process data at lightning speed and requires very little set up compared to previous handheld scanner models on the market. Data is scanned, collected, and uploaded to a server for analyzing immediately, meaning there is very little wait time for the results.

The introduction of this technology into the duties of the Australian police force means crime scenes are captured and mapped in less than 20 minutes. Accurate data and detailed mapping of crime scenes will help in fighting crime, improving the rate at which crimes are solved, and appropriate penalties can be handed out.

The above example is just another way that is changing the way businesses are run, even policing business and is definitely moving in the right direction towards better and safer living. The advancements in technology we have at our disposal will only increase with time.

More and more breakthroughs are made each day throughout every industry. Even without our knowledge, these groundbreaking discoveries are influencing and improving the processes of production. How long will it take everyone to get fully on board with the possibilities?