Lake Mary, FL – NeoMetrix, a leading provider of solutions for rapid product development has announced the commercial availability of a new High Temperature resin from Objet Geometries for use on its Eden and Connex line of 3D printers.

Objet High Temperature Material, RGD525, offers high thermal functionality combined with outstanding dimensional stability.

Objet High Temperature Material, RGD525, has a temperature resistance of  65°C (149°F) out of the printer and 80°C (176°F) after a short oven-based, post-thermal treatment.

The High Temperature Material is the second Objet material to be released this year capable of simulating the thermal performance of engineering plastics – and the first to be available now on the Objet Eden 3D printer.

The High Temperature Material is ideal for:

  • Thermal testing of static parts such as hot air-flow or hot water-flow in taps, faucets and in-flows
  • Exhibition modelling and ‘show-car’ modelling, where the material’s high dimensional stability keeps models accurate and viable, even under strong lighting conditions and adverse environments
  • Simulating over-molded parts such as air-flow vents used in automotive, defence and household appliances. The material can be simultaneously printed with Objet Tango rubber-like material on the Objet 3D printer.
  • Post-processing applications such as gluing, painting and metalizing. The material produces models with extra-smooth surfaces that eliminate the need for filing down the unwanted protrusions before post-processing.

According to Zehavit Reisin, Head of Consumables Line of Business for Objet, “We are very excited to release the latest addition to our growing range of materials for simulating engineering plastics. The High Temperature Material allows our customers to perform genuine thermal functional testing of 3D printed parts and prototypes.

The models created in this material are more resilient in diverse environmental conditions, whether in transit or under strong exhibition lighting. At this year’s EuroMold – World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development show in Frankfurt, Germany – visitors will be able to see both the High Temperature Material and ABS-like Digital Material being used in an impressive array of industry applications.”

The High Temperature material produces 3D models and prototypes combining high thermal functionality with outstanding dimensional stability. The material’s temperature resistance makes it highly beneficial for thermal testing of static parts such as hot air-flow or hot water-flow in taps and faucets.

When jetted off the Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer, the High Temperature Material can be simultaneously printed with Objet’s Tango family of rubber-like materials to simulate over-molded parts such as air-flow vents used in automotive, defense and household appliances.

Objet’s ultra-thin-layer, high-resolution 3-dimensional printing systems and materials utilize PolyJet polymer jetting technology, to print ultra-thin 16-micron layers. The market-proven Objet Eden line of 3D Printing Systems and the Objet24 and Objet30 3D desktop printers are based on Objet’s patented office-friendly PolyJet Technology. The Objet Connex multi-material family is based on Objet’s PolyJet Matrix Technology, which jets multiple model materials simultaneously and creates composite Digital Materials on the fly. All Objet systems use Objet’s FullCure® materials to create accurate, clean, smooth, and highly detailed 3D parts.

Objet systems are in use by customers worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies, in multiple industries such as Education, Medical / Medical Devices & Dental, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, toys, consumer goods, and footwear industries.

Founded in 1998, Objet serves its growing global customer base through offices in USA, Mexico, Europe, Japan, China and Hong Kong, and a global network of distribution partners. Objet owns more than 50 patents and patent pending inventions. For more information, visit us at

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