Three-dimensional printing has come a long way and is far more capable of creating just small trinkets and toys. It’s influencing many industries and almost all have swiftly taken advantage of the speed and progression of this technology.  It’s not difficult to see why this has happened. The use of this type of machinery has cut down production costs tremendously.

One area that 3D printing has been making a real difference is in art and design; look at how 3D printing made a Ship inside a bottle.

This ship inside of a bottle was made using an Objet Connex 3d printer. The bottle itself was designed and printed with translucent, clear material. As the bottle was made using clear materials, it helped make the three-dimensional ship easily stand out, as that was made using the black materials.

The two materials are fused together becoming inseparable, meaning there is no space or void in the completed creation. Unlike a traditional ship in a bottle, the 3D printed version is a solid object, which shows the uniqueness of 3D printing. It highlights how versatile this technology is, fusing two materials together yet, no details of the ship’s characteristics are lost.

As the video above shows, every intricate detail of the ship is captured and seen clearly.  Everything from the crow’s nest, the rigging between the masts, the flagpoles, and railings, all are evident. This is just another example of 3D printing accuracy. This creation is just one of many backing up the positive attributes this equipment possesses.

Many are nervous that this new way of creating a ship in a bottle using 3d printing will take over the more traditional  methods, but that simply is not the case. This is just a new technology showing off its artistic attributes. This allows more people to appreciate both the traditional and the newer methods in which a bottle in a ship can be created.