The use of 3d scanning has become increasingly popular over the last10 years and is now used in many different business spectres around the world. There are two specific types of 3d scanners: Laser 3d scanners and White Light 3d scanners. For those not familiar with the two, all is forgiven, as these two technologies are very different from each other, and can get confusing.

3d handheld scanner

Three-dimensional laser scanners use laser light produced, this laser scans the parts that are necessary for the project. The main 3d scanners found today are generally one of the following:

3d Scanner

The handheld model above where the stripe sweeps over the part, very similar to a paint gun.

Below, is the tripod mounted example of a 3d scanner, in which, the laser line sweeps across a field of view to cover the area needing scanned.

Dependent for what purpose you are looking to use the 3d scanner will determine which model is best suited to the job at hand (no pun intended). The other main reason 3d scanners have become more popular is down to the reduction of their price. As you can imagine, when the first 3d scanners arrived on the market they would have come with a hefty price tag attached. Today, however, the price has dropped and the results that 3d scanning can produce simply adds more value for your money.

There are many companies out there today who have a wide range of 3d scanners on sale, companies like Neometrix Technologies, Inc. who have been around for twenty years in the industry know what they are talking about when it comes to 3d scanners and 3d scanning services.

3d scanning is only limited to your imagination and what you choose to place in front of the actual scanner.

Tripod 3d scanner