NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of 3d scanning and 3d printing, was approached by aspiring artist Kevin Connolly to determine if this technology could be applied to the art world  in order to facilitate the duplication, size reduction (or enlargement) of a sculpted work of art.

NeoMetrix introduced Kevin to the Creaform MetraSCAN, a handheld, non-contact 3D scanner.  In about 20 minutes, a full size sculpture of a human head was accurately captured in the computer.

3D Scanning with the Creaform MetraSCAN

3D Scanning with the Creaform MetraSCAN

According to Kevin “The scanning process was amazing.  Non-contact scanning kept the original in pristine condition, unlike traditional resizing methods which use contact pointing and marking the surface.  It was quick and the results were visible almost immediately.”  

3D Scanned Data of "Wendall" in STL Format

3D Scanned Data of "Wendall" in STL Format


Once the data has been captured in the computer, the final results can be output as an STL file and enlarged or reduced to just about any size.

Large pieces can be fabricated using CNC machining of structural foam, where as smaller pieces can be produced on a 3D printer, such as the Objet Connex 350.

3D scanning is a way to economically and rapidly resize a sculpture. The combination of scanning and working on the resultant mesh in a 3D suite allows an artist to enlarge a model, machine it in a soft material, and then use traditional sculpting methods to finish the machined product .

Depending on the needs of the artist the machined sculpture can then be cast into other materials, or used as is.  This method can save many hundreds of man-hours spent to resize a sculpture.

About NeoMetrix

NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc. (  is a leading provider of solutions for rapid product development throughout the southeastern United States, focusing on 3D laser scanning, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping. 

NeoMetrix is also a top reseller for Objet Geometries, Creaform, Konica-Minolta Sensing America, and Rapidform Software.

NeoMetrix also offers engineering consulting and technical services that focus on assisting clients with improving product quality and reducing design cycles.