Michelin recently released a concept of their newest innovation in the automotive industry, a 3D printed tire known as VISION.  The concept serves as both a wheel and tire, and it is also rechargeable, fully customizable and airless. The project began back in the fall of 2016 under the leadership of Michelin’s Corporate Innovation Board (CIB). The CIB’s mission was to create an object that not only features revolutionary technologies that symbolize the future of automotive innovation, but also create a product that is incredible environment friendly.

(Image courtesy of Michelin.)

The VISION by Michelin

The tires are produced in a bio-sourced and biodegradable material which reduce the product’s footprint on the environment. Aside from this, the VISION can also be completed rebuilt with the help of 3D printing technology. 3D printers allow for the exact amount of rubber to be used on the tire, eliminating waste material  and greatly increasing life expectancy. With 3D printing, the thread design is completely changed, with the depth being reduced to allow for a more material-efficient tire.

Not only does the VISION greatly benefit the environment, but it also doesn’t even use air. Rather, the interior structure was designed with the capability of supporting an vehicle while also allowing for maximum comfortability and safety. Because it does not use air, the VISION can not explode, blow out or go flat. Innovative sensors provide users with real time information about each tires current performance and condition.

(Image courtesy of Michelin.)

The 3D printed material used on the VISION ensures solidity and safety.

The VISION concept tire was released at Michelin’s worldwide convention focusing on sustainable mobility in the automotive industry, the Movin’On 2017. Michelin hopes to further develop this concept, so that it may soon be released on a full-scale production level.