Markforged Blacksmith sneak peak

The leader in metal addtive manufacturing, Markforged announced Blacksmith. Blacksmith is the first Artifical Intelligence (AI) powered software that makes manufacturing machines aware so they can automatically adjust programming to ensure every part is produced as designed. Blacksmith will reduce production cost more and increase manufacturing flow even more.


 Greg Mark, CEO of Markforged states 


“For the last hundred years, machines have been unaware of what they’re creating and would happily waste millions of dollars producing out-of-spec parts. We’re going to fix that by connecting the machines that make parts, and the ones that inspect them, with a powerful AI. Much like the way Tesla is building autopilot for cars, we are building an autopilot for manufacturing.”


This newly introduced product will begin to be incorporated on the Metal x  and on the X-7 3D printer. Blacksmith will create feedback that will make the 3D printed parts more accurate. This intelligent software cuts waste and accelerates time to market massively. Blacksmith also analyzes a design, compares it to the scanner part and automatically adapts the end to end process to produce the part just like how it was designed.



Blacksmith will be useful for the new generation of metal 3D printing. The latest breakthrough methods all require which is a process that notoriously distorts aprts. Blacksmith will eliminate this challenge and will deliver a prace part post-sintering. Blacksmith is a Markforged’s AI solution that gets smarter with every part, which means the software learns at the speed of global production, this will make the world’s factories more efficient. Finally, Blacksmith is scheduled to be released in 2019.


To see a sneak peak of this program watch the video below




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