Recent upgrades and advancements in the field of technology have been making headlines throughout the worlds media platforms. Each day there are varied reports of incredible breakthroughs using 3d printing technology. These machines are like a breath of fresh air for inventors and creators alike giving them a license to print anything that they can come up with.

From custom-made designer smartphone cases, up to custom designing the latest Lamborghini concept car, three-dimensional printing technologies grants the ability to print models to perfection. This technology has taken massive steps in the last few years. These steps and developments have catapulted it into the public eye causing a media frenzy.

Not many people will know or understand what all the fuss is about concerning 3d tech advancements. Most of the population are still unaware of just how much their life is being changed and impacted by it on a daily basis.

With a multitude of various applications and so many positives coming from its use, 3d printers looks to be taking the future in one direction— upwards. With many manufacturing companies benefiting from quicker production time, cutting waste costs, eliminating older outdated methods this technology seems to be a blessing.

This equipment is not new in terms of being a part of innovative designs and prototyping. What is new is that it has been made available to the public; many are taking advantage of the ground breaking research and advancements and creating new opportunities. Public libraries are jumping on board and setting up technology labs for its patrons. With printers being more affordable and user-friendly, it is estimated that it will soon be as common as a laptop, tablet, or TV. The question is, “When will you be joining the revolution?”