The world of three-dimensional printing is buzzing right now with new innovations and concepts being developed and created every single day. The thing with 3D printing is it has the capability to change, improve the world around us, and impact it for the better.  From pioneering medical health projects to food, dentures, clothing, car, aeroplane, and spaceship part production, 3D printing is not a technology to be ignored or disregarded.

Today, we are going to look at the possible effects 3D printing could have on travel, and in particular the area of lost luggage. We have all been on holiday somewhere, we may not have been around the world, but in general, most people have been on vacation in their lifetime. With vacation comes traveling, and the protocol is usually to check bags in, and relax in the departure lounge. We trust that the bags are taken care of and traveling with us to the end destination.

We step off the plane, into our chosen holiday destination, and wait at baggage pick up for our cases and luggage. At the point when everyone else has left, and it’s the same kid’s bag passing around 50 times, it’s easy to realize that the bags have somehow been lost or sent elsewhere. This is the moment we feel that sinking feeling, and holiday joy is temporarily robbed.

So, where does the 3D printer and 3D printing come into this situation? Imagine, you traveled lightly; imagine you never took any cases.  Imagine a world, where instead of spending hours packing suitcases, you instead had holiday clothes on a cad file, which could be printed off using a 3D printer once you reach your holiday destination?

3d printed clothing essentials

Firstly, understand it is not being suggested that you go and buy a 3D printer (although, they are extremely cool) and take it on holiday with you. Instead think, what if there was a service that could print off what we needed, when we needed it, at our holiday destination?

The purpose of today’s blog is simple, it’s to get you thinking outside of the box, 3D printed clothes are already being created. Lost luggage is something that could be eradicated in the very near future. Traveling lightly is more efficient and is less hassle, and cheaper in the long run. This sounds like something from the future, but it’s exactly where we’re heading.

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