Each day, there are so many advancements in technology and many of them are being overhyped in terms of being the next big thing that everyone is talking about. The headlines that 3d printing have made are clearing the way for this technology to take its place as the leading technology. Three dimensional printing is in the headlines every other day having taken ground over its competitors by breaking the standards set by other technologies.

Three-dimensional printing has limitless possibilities and is only restricted by the imagination of its user. Its abilities and the prospects of its advancements point towards a whole new way we could work together as a society of consumers. The 3d printer works by using a process called additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

In additive manufacturing, the first layer is printed and allowed to cool. After the layer has cooled then the second layer is then printed and infused on the first layer using laser light and heat produced by the printer. This process is continually carried out until the object being printed is fully formed and of the right density.

Three-dimensional printing has many advantages and they include fewer waste products due to the process of additive manufacturing. It is also less costly and far more effective and faster than earlier methods of manufacturing. With the prices of three-dimensional printers having dropped and are still on the decrease, more small businesses now can afford their services.

3d Printing material compositions

3d printing has the ability to change the world we live in and affect our lives in such a positive way. Our trips down to the mall for new products and items could soon be coming to an end with 3d printing having the abilities to reproduce what we want in a matter of hours.