Begin 3D Printing

It is time to put your knowledge to the test, in this blog post, you will be taught the process needed in order to have a successful 3D print.

Once you have your design ready, it is time to print! Again, you have two options here: you can either buy your own 3D printer or use an online service. It is an important decision to make, so we have collected arguments for both sides to help you make the right choice based on your specific needs.

These are the reasons why you should buy a 3D printer:

  • The reader prints often (about 10 to 25 times a week)
  • There is only one specific application for the printer
  • You are ready to make a sizeable investment
  • You are already prepared to setup, tinker and optimize your machine
  • You have the necessary space and time to install and operate the printer.

These are reasons why you should consider using a printing service:

  • You will either print too few or to many parts per month
  • You want to print using multiple processes and materials including industrial printers
  • you want to access the latest technologies at all times
  • you prefer to focus your time on designing and perfecting your models
  • you want to test and learn first before deciding what printer to buy (very important advice to follow)

How to use a 3D printing service

Neometrix Technologies Inc offers 3D printing and prototyping services, by clicking here you will be taken to the contact information form where you can ask as many question as you want to one of our engineers who will be more than happy to help you.



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