The technology of being able to print solid forms or objects has exploded onto the scene and has unlimited applications. Its positive influence on industry and business as a whole are plain to see, as each day shows countless headlines, and new breakthroughs made by 3d printers.

To be quite honest we have only seen the edge of the capabilities that this technology holds. The future looks as though this technology will only enhance it, but is that truly the case? It is possible that it also brings with it threats of our security.

Many innovative creations have already been made however; some of them pose a serious terror involving our security. It has made the national news with the headline, “Homeland Security bulletin warns 3D-printed guns may be ‘impossible’ to Stop.” Considering how easy it is to use the machines, it does set off alarm bells and poses the question, “Should security be paying more attention to the advancements of 3d printing technology and its frightening abilities?” Yes, they absolutely should.

In a recent report, Forbes stated that an apprehended party successfully opened top range security handcuffs by using a 3d printed plastic key. This printed key made it possible for them to open the cuffs, instead of needing the standard metal one.

This display using the handcuffs was carried out at a recent conference in New York, the German hacker was trying to show the current weakness in security. He wanted to prove what smarter thinking people, who understand this technology, could achieve. What’s even more alarming is that the tools and materials to make these keys is already on sale on the consumer market today.

3d Printed handcuff keys

The handcuff locks could be broken and opened due to them not being unique, and until every handcuff lock is made unique, it is an area of security that can be breached simply by having the knowledge and tools to know how.