Three-dimensional scanning technology is extremely popular currently with multiple applications in which it is being used, but is this a passing phase? Absolutely not, here’s why, almost every industry uses this equipment to better their products and services. A few industry examples are museums, video game producers, medical professionals, to just about any business sector in between, all interact with 3D laser scanning equipment to help benefit their area of business.

Many reports and articles have been published, giving us trustworthy information on ways these different sectors are using this technology to restore precious items from history and preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

Video game giants, EA SPORTS, used 3d scanning in their new release of FIFA 14.


EA Sports has utilized 3d scanning technology to scan actual player’s and capture exact body measurements, facial movements, and designed game characters to have exact match characteristics. Making the game unique and highly more realistic for avid fans and followers who wish their gaming experience to be as true-to-life as possible.

What 3d scanning allows is to give creators plenty of opportunity for reverse engineering or modification of the scanned object or device to make it better. This technology has sat in the back seat for far too long, other technologies have taken the lead, but not anymore. Laser scanning now drives ground breaking headlines every day.

Three-dimensional scanning services are cheaper today than they used to be. The machines are easier to operate and are more widely used now that it comes with a reduced price tag attached to it. Its influence is casting a new way in how we are living and looks to be a major factor in creating a highly advanced technological future.

Future predications indicate that 3d scanning will have its place within every industry type, entertainment, industrial, medical, consumer products, automobile manufacturing, and rightly so. Its influence so far has proven to be astounding and it is expected to only get bigger and better.