Since the horrible shooting incident that occurred on the premise of Sandy Hook Elementary School this past December, universities, elementary schools, and nursery schools, are trying to set into place a high security system. The most recent security set into place, reported by CNN Money, is the IRIS Scan.

The report stated that Winthrop University located in Rockhill, SC has already established a system where students upon enrollment receive a student identification card and an identification eye scan. (This is not much different from the scenes of actor Tom Cruise in the movie The Minority Report). The iris of the eye is unique to each individual, so the University is making certain that those entering and leaving each building must first go through an identifying iris scan.

The technology of 3d scanning is not new, but because of advancement companies are able to produce scanners at quick rates at more affordable pricing. In the same report, they stated, that some elementary schools are already starting to implement the eye scanning.

The moment a child steps onto the school bus, leaves the bus, and enters the school building is where their eyes are scanned. At the time of eye scan, the information is uploaded to a database belonging to the school, and the parent will receive a confirmation email or text message of their child’s location with a date and timestamp.

Many parents are questioning the risks of having exact information of their children’s whereabouts and who can access it.

It’s not only schools looking to use the high security options of 3d scanning the eye for identification. High profile corporations and financial institutions have applied this extra security precaution for all of its employees.

Security for babies, children, and college students as become a priority in light of the past few years and violence taking place on school campuses. It is the industry and technology of 3d scanning that is taking it further by making certain they are protected.