In looking at a 3D printer, it is very similar to the way a normal printer looks. However, they both have very different functions. The run-of-the-mill, older, normal printer runs by printing images and text onto paper fed through the printer itself. The 3d printer is very different because of what it does. This equipment creates actual solid form, functioning objects by a process called additive manufacturing. The results are outstanding and the quality of finished products is second to none.

Quality 3d technology

If this technology sounds absolutely cutting-edge that is because it is, and to be fair, the modern abilities it possesses are close to limitless. The 3d printing technology has been around for a while though and was previously named rapid prototyping. It was mainly used by engineers in the process of creating and bringing designs to life via a CAD file. The CAD file was then sent onto the correct linked devices used to successfully create a 3d object from the initial design.

In the early stages of prototype printing the materials were of less quality. The plastics and metals used in the beginning stages didn’t have the qualities to put the finished prototype on store shelves. However, just as the technology has been advancing so the quality of materials is advancing. What is used in the printing process nowadays is highly durable, and the highest quality. Objects can be printed and sent straight into the consumer market for purchase.

3d printing at its best

This type of technology is gaining traction every day. It is provides much more than consumer products. There are industries such as the medical field that are saving lives through this innovative technology. The technology supports an endless amount of possibilities and definitely is becoming more commonly used by the public.