There are so many variances of 3D printing around today that it is hard to keep up with what’s going on. One field that seems to be benefiting and improving its quality of services is the healthcare field.

There’s talk of 3D printed prosthetic hands and limbs easily created at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.  Printing technology is a major player in the improvement of patient’s lives. It  is helping them regain normality at some level.

Another field of business that seems to be booming is the area of manufacturing. Large companies know and understand that their products need to be on the market as quick as possible and still be high in quality and value for money. This advanced printing method is changing the process of digital manufacturing standards. For instance, products can be taken off the market, reverse engineered to better it, and then back on the market much faster than previous times.

Of course, this equipment is still technical, but many newer models are easier to operate. Today most 3D printers come ready assembled and ready to go straight from the box.

Society is truly advancing in digital processes, especially with more people accessing the net through smartphones and other devices. It shows we want immediately access to services at our fingertips, and while we are on the move.

Three-dimensional printing has yet to go mobile, but there are already companies creating and designing 3d scanning attachments to connect to an iPad or iPhone. Future advancement in innovative technology is exciting. Being able to print solid objects and the freedom to create without limits is what we are moving towards; 3D printing does this