3D printing has appeared on the scene with a bang and is all the rage these days but what actually is three-dimensional printing? It is a process in which you can easily manufacture practically anything, including projects to create jewelry, iPhone cases and even a 3d printed gun has all been successfully created using three-dimensional printing technology. This new technology uses a technique called additive manufacturing which differs from the older methods which used subtractive manufacturing which used sawing and machinery to complete the project.

There are many different types of specialized printers for sale on the market today. These vary in size, color and functionality. There are also many variances of a 3d printer but all the true-to-life objects created are always built by placing a layer on top of a layer until the object is completed. The first layer, which is the bottom layer, is allowed to dry before the other layers are placed on top.

Traditional manufacturing compared to additive manufacturing

A great benefit of using this tech is that there is little waste due to the additive process of manufacturing. The accuracy at which models can be amended or parts upgraded is second to none. Many businesses have caught on to how beneficial 3d printing services are and just how much it can add to the quality and how quickly products can enter the consumer market.

The day is coming where you will be able to orally command your three-dimensional printer to carry out what you want it to do, even down to how quickly this technology is advancing. With pricing of this technology at an affordable level, the 3d printer will soon become as commonplace as the television in your home. The printers are simple to use and are becoming more popular with homeowners just as much as manufacturers.

The future for 3d printing looks bright and looks like it is becoming an important part of how we go about our daily work and leisure activities.