Hexon Helmets are known to be the custom made helmets

Each Hexo Helmet is unique, these types of helmets are made to the most precise dimension and curvature to fit your head comforatbly. This is achieved thanks to the 30,000 point scan accuracy which is to the nearest micron.

Hexo helmet

These types of helmets have the same purpose as the Carbon football helmet, which is to improve protection by leveraging geometry. Rather than using foam Hexo’s patentpending inner structure which was designed at the university of Oxford, controls impacts 68% more effectively. The 3D printed structure also gives better lineancy against aerodynamic forces and provides better heat conductivity than foam. Founder Jamie Cook says:

“Foam’s pressure response is limited. There are only a few variables to play with: it’s quite basic in that sense. We’re 60 years down the road with foam helmets – and even though they’re only 30% efficient at absorbind energy, we’ve pretty much done everything we can do. With 3D printing, we are starting on a new road which has got incredible opportunities for further optimization, design and change. What we’re developing now is a real synergy between material science, manufacturing and technology – coming together to unlock things that were never possible before.”

Users can add any type of details to the mask, wether it’s a preferable color or a personal ask. Hexo Helmets take your 3D data through a 3D scan and use selective laser sintering to fuse a honeycomb structure that’s made from 100% renewable raw materials.

Hexo started at the University College London. The founder Jamie Cook, under supervision of leading material scientist Professor Mark Miodownik, stated his research into materials in order to find the safest and lightweight material.

Helmet molds

Cook believes that in order to create a curved honeycomb structure without distorting the mechanical properties is by 3D printing.

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