There are reports coming from the UK claiming that a company in Britain are the first to print sculptures of the human face made entirely out of chocolate. This may not sound like anything new, as there are many fancy and creative chocolatiers around the globe creating wonderful pieces of work each day, but this news is special.

What makes this news more interesting is that the sculptures have been designed and then printed out with a three-dimensional printer. The company in question is Choc Edge, this company allows its customers to send a photograph or image through the company website. Once they have received the image of the person, they get cracking and create the chocolate sculpture.


The image is successfully created by the professional services and methods of 3D printing technology. Layers of chocolate being built up until the facial features are complete carefully create the sculpture. Choc Edge also boasts that they can use whatever chocolate the customer desires, white, dark and milk.

The 3d printer has become far more advanced in its functionality and are easily affordable nowadays. It’s creativity like the above example that has made this technology one of the most sought after around today.

Living in the digital age is not easy, customer demands and expectations are high, quality services and products is what they are requiring. That is exactly what 3d printing offers. Printers that can print an object as a solid form has actually been around for some time, and most used by large corporations and engineers, now that is no longer the case.

Technologies come and go; they grab the limelight and have their “moment of fame” rarely making the history books, only to be forgotten about months later with the next big thing appears. What’s so different about 3D printing and why it will make history is that it does far more than create chocolate heads, its technology is saving lives. It is transforming the medical industry and opening up new ways to help patients and improve well-being.