When you are attempting to use 3d scanning it is important the factors the environment plays when performing a scan. Depending on what type of project you are taking on determines how the environment will affect scanner. Keep in mind, placement and set up on scanning equipment also have affects the results. For example, any projects carried out in a controlled lab, would have better quality results than projects scanned outside.

It is good practice to ensure that any floors you are looking to set up are level before initiating your work. Most floors unless they are concrete are slightly off level and this can cause issues, so sort this out before scanning starts.

Make sure when you are scanning you are not in a busy highly populated area filled with people, as footsteps and vibrations made by walking or running can cause inaccurate results.

Correct methods of 3d scanning

If the opportunity is there for you to set up in a quiet room with no unlikely visitors, then take that opportunity. This would be an ideal situation for you to get set up uninterrupted and the scan will result with precision accuracy. This will also allow you the time necessary to set up things correctly while taking your time and not being rushed.

Three-dimensional scanning is cutting edge and is available for everyone to explore and to get a handle on. The joy of laser scanning technology is that it has the ability to capture intricate details every time. (This is perfect for those using it in the entertainment industry).  Items no longer manufactured and produced can be scanned allowing new blue prints for the object to be published and reproduced by others. As this technology advances at a speedy rate, it can only benefit our lives for the better.