Rain Wang and James Cao have co-founded Skelmet Inc., a company dedicated to creating the world’s most customizable sunglasses through 3D printing and scanning. The purpose behind their innovation was to address the performance flaws of traditional fitting sunglasses. Athletes have always had to deal with ill-fitting sunglasses that slide off, move around or fog up, but Skelmet has developed a solution to this with their recent release of the Falcon 1 3D Print Sport Sunglasses.


In order to get fit for a pair of Falcon 1 sunglasses, a simple 3D scan is taken of a customer’s head. Following the scan, the sunglasses are 3D printed with a nylon plastic that is both extremely flexible and strong. The usage of 3D printing actually makes the Falcon 1’s the lightest sunglasses on the market. Because each pair of sunglasses is tailored to each individual’s measurements, the products maximize comfortability and performance. Designed to provide a perfect fit that disallows any light leakage, Falcon 1 sunglasses eliminate the performance issues of traditional sunglasses. Backed by a product replacement guarantee, Skelmet’s sunglasses are world’s lightest and best fitting sport sunglasses on the market – made possible through the use of 3D printing and scanning.

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