Lake Mary, FL– (June 18, 2010) Coordinate Measuring Machines have long been considered the standard for complex, three-dimensional measurements.  However, their massive size and weight have kept them locked in the QC lab.  Laser trackers, on the other hand, have been measuring large parts in a manufacturing environment for many years.  Their high-accuracy over great distances has made them very useful for long-range measurement tasks.  Conversely, line of sight issues have limited their functionality on smaller parts.

Creaform has addressed this gap in technology with their new HandyProbe system.  A hand-held probing tool is used in conjunction with the C-Track optical tracking system.  The C-Track constantly monitors the position and orientation of the hand-held probe as well as targets placed on the part, enabling the measurement of parts up to 3 meters in length from a single position.  The positioning of reference targets on the part also enables the C-Track to be repositioned multiple times throughout the measurement session with no degradation in accuracy.

According to Dan Perreault, President of Neometrix:  “We see the HandyProbe as the next generation of portable CMM’s, providing solutions for a wide range of measuring applications for a very reasonable investment.”

About NeoMetrix

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