Companies are always looking for new initiatives and ways to make them stand out from their competition to make sure that their brand is unique and leading the way. Making the right decisions on branding and spending millions on new design ideas in the hope that your brand is embraced further is what it’s all about. What can 3d printing and its technology bring to a company who is already a global brand, name and market leader?

Coca-Cola has successfully used 3d printing in its marketing methods by allowing its consumers in Israel the opportunity to create a mini model of themselves. Successful candidates were chosen and invited to the printing lab and were 3d scanned in order for custom-made mini me versions to be created and printed.

3d technology is massive today and seems to be making the news in all shapes and forms. Coca-Cola was very creative to embrace this technology and use it to their advantage. Their project was bold, interesting and shows what advantages 3d printing technology holds.  This helped promote the global brand to new levels by engaging its consumers and including them first-hand in their marketing project.

It’s good to know that 3d printed objects are only as good as the quality of printer doing the printing. Considering the high detail of the figures which were produced by Coca-Cola, it shows that they weren’t pulling any punches. Coca-Cola was set out on using the best technology around to achieve the results that they had set out for in this marketing campaign.

With this global soft drink giant leading the way using 3d technology, you can’t help but think that other market leaders will soon be catching on and using these professional high quality services to promote their own brand.