Science Museum Explores The Future Of 3D printing

If you have been following the NeoMetrix blog, then you know and understand that 3D printing has and still is having a major impact in the field of medicine. We have heard of multiple situations where the information captured in a patient’s CT scans have been converted using 3d printing technology to a solid 3d printed object.

The use of 3d printing technology has allowed doctors and surgeons worldwide to create specific and unique implants to fit the individual. The main benefits of using 3d printing in the medical field is that a higher quality implant or prosthetic can be custom-created to each patient’s requirements and needs. Three-dimensional printers have the ability to create incredibly complex parts with precision; parts that in the past would have been too difficult and expensive to create by traditional methods.

It’s down to the 3d printer’s engineers, collaboration with medical professionals, and innovative problem solving that so many headlines are breaking concerning the success of this technology inside the medical industry. It’s the fact that not only are lives being transformed by 3d printing, but lives are being saved. Many of the patients in need are given a new lease on life and a hope of a better future.

What we need to be asking ourselves is, “Has there ever been a more successful and influential technology created? Will any other technology that is around now or coming in the future be able to match the impact 3d printing has had on society”?

The question above is a realistic question and is tough one to answer. But, can we really argue with a technology that in its early stage has already increased product development time at cheaper costs in multiple areas of manufacturing?  With so many industries affected and many products and services improved, 3d printing has come onto the scene revolutionizing everything it’s involved in and has yet to reach its full potential.

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