BigRep is expanding its materials portfolio, launching 4 new materials at FABTECH 2019. This new material – PLX, PET-CF, PA6/66, and BVOH – supports BigRep’s mission to provide cost-effective and environmentally-friendly engineering-grade materials to industrial users for large-format additive manufacturing.

“These materials are specially designed to take full advantage of our large-format 3D printers’ speed, precision and quality,” said BigRep CBO, Frank Marangell. “They are the result of combining our continuous, customer-focused experiences and extensive knowledge of materials to push the limits of AM even further.”

BigRep PLX addresses the industry’s need for fast, reliable and environmentally friendly material. The material is a general-use bio-performance filament derived from organic compounds. It’s perfectly suited for open-environment 3D printing. Best suited for design and functional prototyping, BigRep’s PLX can print up to 80% faster than standard PLA with no modification to the 3D printer at a strength surpassing the typical mechanical properties of even ABS-printed parts.

PET-CF is a carbon fiber reinforced filament now introduced to BigRep’s growing line of engineering-grade materials for high-strength, large-format printing. Offering exceptional dimensional stability and low moisture absorption, PET-CF is capable of creating exceptionally strong, stiff parts with a fine surface finish and heat resistance up to 100°C. Designed for the BigRep STUDIO G2, the material is suitable for functional, performance applications. 

BigRep’s PA6/66 is a highly durable, lightweight thermoplastic filament with high rigidity and resistance to heat and chemicals. It’s high compatibility with machining and mechanical strength makes it an excellent candidate for many industrial applications like tooling, patterns, molds, and end-use parts. Functionally similar to Nylon PA6, a common material for injection molding, PA6/66 is suited for scalable batch productions, printing end-use parts or prototyping with nearly identical material properties to mass production parts.

BVOH support material an advanced water-soluble filament that eliminates support-removal post-processing for complex 3D-printed parts. Due to BVOH’s solubility and ability to support heavy prints, it is especially suited for printing complex, ready-to-use prototypes.

A barrel opener and a wrench 3D printed for the U.S. Army. Image via US Army.

With open-source material compatibility, BigRep printers are the perfect choice for industrial users with advanced or niche material requirements. By addressing the needs of industrial users and consistently launching supported specialized material, BigRep ensures the value and reliability of its additive offerings are always growing.

BigRep continues to expand its filament offerings, enabling users to produce large-format parts with advanced, engineering-grade materials. By introducing and supporting the engineering-grade materials our industrial users require, BigRep continues to expand it’s additive systems’ capabilities to enable the advanced applications and efficient workflows that help businesses grow and prosper.


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