Queensland PC with a Zebedee 3d scanner

We know all about the capabilities of 3D printing and its incredible rise to the front of cutting edge technology. Today, we are going to look at the other technology that runs alongside it and that technology is 3D scanning.

Laser scanners have been used in a number of varied projects, it is just as versatile as 3D printing. Today, 3D scanning is one of the fastest growing technologies. Handheld 3D scanners have been used successfully to restore ancient artifacts, and has even scanned the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy in an astounding 20 minutes. That’s how fast and efficient this technology is.

Scanners are capable of capturing every single detail and characteristic of an object or area. In fact, it’s so accurate that the Queensland Police have made it a compulsory gadget in their crime scene investigator’s tool kit.

The scan device that has been embraced by the Australian Police is called a Zebedee handheld 3D scanner is a somewhat goofy-looking piece of equipment, but there is nothing goofy about the results that it can bring.



Zebedee Scanner CSIRO


The handheld scanner can create exact models of crime scenes in minutes, cutting down the amount of time it used to take investigators to capture every single piece of vital evidence. And, as this technology advances and progresses it means that higher quality results can be achieved.

The Queensland Police were happy with the trials of this technology and with the success gladly embraced as a futuristic technology helping in their endless fight against crime and to bring justice.

What’s exciting about 3D scanning and 3D printing is that it is still in its early years of progression, there is still more to come from both these technologies. If what these technologies are doing just now is anything to go by we’re in for one exciting ride. Just sit back and enjoy the journey we’re about to take off!

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