In the year 1986 the technology of 3d printing hit the world and as you can imagine it would have had its critics like everything else that arrives on the scene. It didn’t really gain any real movement in terms of becoming popular until the early 90’s and wasn’t even heard of outside the industries of engineering, manufacturing and architecture until just recently.

Today 3d printing is one of the fastest growing and hottest advancements in the marketing and design world today. It is now possible by using this form of printing to create a part or component from scratch in a matter of hours.

3D Printing Growth

3d printing uses a process called additive manufacturing this method creates a 3d object from a 3d CAD model with frightening accuracy. The results are achieved by the product being created by numerous layers placed upon layers until the finished product has been achieved. The services of 3d printing and scanning have grown so much in popularity that it has quickly become one of the leading innovations to follow in the 21st century.

The speed at which 3d printing is carried out is in no comparison and is clearly more efficient than older traditional methods, you would think that at a higher speed the end product would lack real quality but this can be no further than the truth. The possibilities and opportunities that this service brings are endless and are only limited to the technology that you are using.

There are so many benefits of 3d printing that it’s very easy to see just why so many industry leaders are taking on its services, speed and cost reductions are rapidly making it a favoured and essential tool of the progressive marketer.

The truth is 3d printing and the services it offers are only impacting our world and the products in it for the better. We should embrace this technology and let it take us where it wants to go.