When the word printing comes to mind, you probably conjure up an image of paper being jammed in a malfunctioning machine, many have had this experience. As for the technology of printing solid objects, it has become more mainstream, its applications are broadening, and it has nothing to do with paper.

Scientists and engineers have been using these advanced printers for decades; the technology of printing three-dimensional objects has been helping all of them decrease the amount of product production time. The use of professional laser scanning services goes hand in hand with 3d printing and it’s demand is becoming ever more, from its ability to print scale replicas of buildings, to the minute objects of hearing aids, this technology is clearly revolutionary. A variety of different industries endorses the use of this technology.

3d printed PEZ

The fashion industry is also embracing the use of model printing, and companies like Hot Pop Factory are printing functional PEZ dispensers and more recently a full range jewelry line. These innovations are exciting and show that technology, nowadays, is showing no limits. They are even planning a line of 3d printed clothes to be available soon.

With these types of printers now more affordable, they are becoming more commonplace in residential households and are no longer limited to only large manufacturing companies. The printers are able to execute personal projects for hobbyists and large-scale products for manufacturers effortlessly.

From its small beginnings to its relatively unheard of uses the 3d printer is now confidently at the forefront of production in many business industries. They have embraced its uses, which has become integral in the design development process by helping create new products, and accurately re-create components. A future without the ease of printing true-to-life objects is no future at all, but rather it will become integrated in day-to-day activities.