The revolution is well underway and many are in full support of what it can do and give back to us. The term “3D printing” might sound very technical, but the definition is simple.

The process in which the printing of a three-dimensional object is carried out is by using information from a digital model. Additive manufacturing is the method where layers of materials (i.e. resin) are built and fused on top of each other until the project or object is completed. The process is different from the traditional methods of subtractive manufacturing where drilling and machinery are used in cutting away materials until the object is complete.

There have been countless headlines concerning this technology, stories like this, “3D printing to end world hunger” and reports of human organs being created using this type of technology. Reports like these have been grabbing the attention of millions around the world as they wait in anticipation and marvel to what this technology will come up with next.

3d printed Banana

3d printing seems like a new technology because it has only recently been in the news, but truth is, it has been around for some time. With 3d printer manufacturers putting more affordable price tags on these machines it has opened the door for more and more of us to get our hands on this technology.

The advancement of this technology has resulted in feelings of “love it or hate it,” there doesn’t appear to be an in-between. This technology is making bold statements, has the power to be a world changer, and is a technology powerhouse.

The use of these printers is becoming more and more popular with many different companies embracing its services and uses to help promote their own brand even more, and racing to put quality product on the market to outdo their rivals.