We have all heard of some sort of news and buzz surrounding 3d scanning and 3d printing technology. Unless you are the type of person who ignores current technology news, or have been away visiting the moon, you have heard news concerning this technology. Truth is, it’s pretty much unavoidable nowadays not to hear of it’s designs and new products. So what just is this buzz and all this hype about anyway?

This technology is now being used in more ways than ever before. For instance, automobile industries are trying to design cars made strictly from 3d printed materials. Or, medical researchers are attempting to use biodegradable printed materials to help graft human tissues. United Kingdom police forces are using 3d scanning at the scene of accidents, collecting data quickly and reducing time of traffic backup.

The amazing thing is that this type of technology has been around for sometime now and has been utilized throughout many different businesses for prototyping. It is actually an old technology. The main reason that everyone is hearing more and more stories is because more people have access to use it. They have designed printing equipment that is more affordable; therefore, more accessible.

More and more companies are embracing its capabilities and are benefiting from the results. The medical field is booming with new ideas to use 3d printing and scanning to help rebuild patient’s lives. Museums are using 3d scanners to preserve historic items of importance, recreating landscapes, and helping discover the past for future generations to learn from it.

The media is in a frenzy trying to keep up with what’s new and ground-breaking. This technology has limitless opportunities and many are pushing it to its limits. With the cost of this 3d scanning and 3d printing very affordable it has become commonplace in small businesses and added to classrooms transforming the education experience.