For those who don’t know about the technology of 3d printing, it has been around for a while. Earlier models of 3d scanners and printers were far too costly and would have been expensive for anyone other than engineers, scientists, and major manufacturing firms, which could afford to have this technology in-house.

Today services are far less costly with the average printer and scanner sitting in a more reasonable price range for smaller business entities. In fact, it is easy to pick up a 3d scanner or printer for around the same price as a top of the range flat screen 3D TV.

This new burst of life within this type of technology has been hailed as a new era for digital manufacturing and the outlook is looking positive and fruitful. The 3d laser scanner allows the user to collect the data of an object and turn it into a computer graphic.

In the software provided the user is able to work through the process of reverse engineering or changing of the object and then with the technique of 3d printing, print the re-designed object. This method is additive manufacturing and is far less expensive than older methods of design creation.

Additive manufacturing consists of one layer fused by the use of light and laser technology on top of one another until the desired object or product is fully completed. In the past, the more common 3d printing materials was plastics. Today, there are many varied complex materials available to use. These materials include metal, fabrics, fiberglass, and even food composition.

With the recent headlines, concerning 3-dimensional technology and the many products that have been improved and newly created it is no wonder that the demand for this tech is growing daily.


Even now, more and more people are buying 3d scanners and 3d printers for their own individual use. As the trends are showing 3d printers and scanners are becoming cheaper, the idea of a future with this technology where users no longer need to visit shops to purchase desired parts or objects is not necessary. Instead, they simply download the blue prints direct from the manufacturer and print the product out in the comfort of home.