Get ready because 3d scanning is about to make it to your smartphone device. At a recent Intel Business Challenge, a PhD student created and developed a device that would turn any ordinary smartphone into a 3d scanner. The device will make it a powerful tool for scientists and engineers alike. The student is one of four winners at the Intel Business Challenge 2013. The ceremonies were held in Abu Dhabi.

The device has been named UltraSmart, when used with the right application, adapter, and measuring device it enables the smartphone to have new and exciting features. Of course, 3D scanning is one of those features. The device is intended to make it possible for engineers to actually take measurement from the smartphone, as well as, create drawings.

According to the article release it states, “The can also prove fruitful to designers and manufacturer of solar cells, as well as, applications specific to nanotechnology and nano-science.” The four students who won at this Intel Business Challenge are set to compete at the Global Intel Business Challenge set for October and to be held at UC Berkley.

The technology of 3d scanning is growing rapidly and of course has captured the attention of major technology company Apple. Apple is rumored to be trying to acquire the Israeli based company, PrimeSense, which is responsible for the Xbox 360 Kinect Motion Sensor technology. Apple is treading on Microsoft’s territory by offering the company a reported $280 million dollars. With the technology of the Kinect sensor people will be able to use it as a 3d scanner in their homes, and in conjunction with the companies prime technology products.

Three-dimensional technology is absolutely the “next best thing,” whether it is 3d scanning, 3d printing, or watching 3d television, it will only grow in popularity. It is only a matter of time before it will be available for everyone to use.