The technology of 3d scanning is making new breakthroughs every day and is becoming more applicable in our everyday lives. The technology in and of itself is nothing new, it’s been around for a while now, but the way in which it is used has changed radically.

It’s important to know that when you think of 3d scanning that 3d printing is also a major factor in the process. Without the ability to scan you wouldn’t be able to produce anything in three-dimensional form. The scanner easily captures important data and sends this data into a formed digital graphic (CAD) to any computer that it’s connected to. The data is displayed then in the computer-aided software where you can manipulate the graphic and print it once you are happy with the finished design.

3d scanning process

This technology progresses at a frightening rate and appears not to be stopping any time soon. Its effect on the business sector is positive with many advancements within the health, dental and education communities.

The new applications of 3d scanning technology is being used and is a new frontier of digital design.  It has proven to be faster, easier to use, and cheaper than the older methods of design productions. Digital manufacturing is taking over traditional methods of manufacturing. It looks as though it is set to become even more advanced. As consumer needs grow, so does the need for further technology advancements.

Three-dimensional scanning and printing work together as one complementing each other, its advancement have taken many industries to the next level of technology. The question remains, “At what stage will it move onto the next level, and what could that next level possibly hold?” Exciting times are ahead and it’s important to know that you will be part of it.