The technology of 3d scanning and 3d printing is making countless headlines across the world media platforms. This technology has come a far way since it first came on the scene about 30 years ago. Its applications have a wider range and it has the power to engage an audience and capture the imagination of its users.

Laser scanning has the ability to accurately capture vital details that can be displayed as a graphic image allowing the opportunity for reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.  The advancement of 3d scanning has meant that we can now have a better understanding of the past. It also allows the space for better quality products that can be custom designed to the buyer’s needs and be sold on the market.

Scanning and 3d printing is now easier than it’s ever been before. It’s easy to grasp, understand, and with this equipment, we have the ability to bring to life ideas and creations that would have been too difficult to carry out in the past due to the lack of technology that is out there.

We are living in a digital era and there is a real need for a technology that will not buckle under the stress and strain due to the high demands for full of high quality durable products in the consumer marketplace.

This technology has its skeptics, as does everything, many are too quick to judge and highlight the darker side this technology has. Instead, they should be celebrating the breakthroughs and positive attributes that it possesses.

Technology has gripped the world

It’s time to embrace this technology and really put it to the test and see exactly what it is capable of and how it can improve the way we are doing things. It has clearly shaped where we are today in terms of technological advancements and it’s exciting to anticipate where we could be in the next 10 years with its help.