MyCorporation and have teamed up and created a detailed infographic, which explores and gives an accurate account of the most successful industries in the world. In the attached image, “2013 Biggest & Fastest Growing Industries,MyCorporation has cleverly covered the seven industries that are growing the fastest and have also gave us insight into why they are growing at such a rapid rate.

The Info graph first covers the area of green and sustainable energy, this industry boasts a spike of 20% growth, the industry promotes an environment and future with green homes and solar powered facilities, this is what makes this industry such a success.

The second area of industry to be highlighted is personal care. This industry is booming as it reinforces, “way of life,” self-tanning and exercise and a variety of products to promote healthy living and combat illness is what makes this so successful.

In third is the online profit education industry, with so many online universities offering classes and modules at high quality and cut prices from public institutions, it’s no surprise that this industry is booming.

Social network games come in at number five, its estimated in the near future that social network gaming industry will be a billion dollar goldmine.

The mobile app industry comes in at number five with a massive user base expanding by the hour. The app industry will continue to increase with the constant production of smart phones and tablets on the market.

In at six is 3D Printing, President Obama has been quoted as saying, “3d printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything”

At seventh is the generic pharmacy industry with an annual growth rate of 6.3% due to the high demands for less expensive medicines.

This infographic has arrived just at the right time for all entrepreneurs to study and understand what consumers are spending their money on right now.

MyCorporation - The Seven Fastest Growing Industries of 2013