3d scanning technology has exploded onto the scene in a varied manner of ways and forms.  Its applications seem to be making new ground every day. Is it possible that 3d scanning technology is affecting our lives without us even being aware of it? If so, how do we measure the way it is changing everything? Is it having a negative or positive impact?

Cutting edge technology

Three-dimensional scanning is helping tighten our safety and security. The government has taken measures to make it more difficult for criminals to get away with their crimes. They have provided funding and put extra cash into tightening security at our airports and borders. 3d scanning could vastly help security if implemented in these highly populated areas. With full body scanning now in trail stages at certain airports it will only be a matter of time before the rest of the airports catch onto the trend.

Laser scanners are able to scan intricate details of whatever is set in front of it. Meaning any person scanned would not be able to conceal any foreign objects including weapons or drugs, which is why it can be an extra security precaution. The technology would not be cheap to install in every major airport or border, but the government realizes that money needs to be spent improving the nation’s security levels.

Scanning has been around for many years, but its applications have changed due to the nature of requirements now needed for this technology. It has risen to the top and strongly leads at the front of innovative, historic, and ground breaking advancements each day.

As a society, we should be looking to join in the race of creating product advancements, and re-inventing old products in a clever new way. Take advantage of the technology and let it improve the way lives are lived.  Three-dimensional technology, whether it is scanning or printing is a major