The world of technology is thriving and buzzing about 3D printing and scanning, each day from all over the world there are more and more reports sharing the many new advancements being made by this cutting-edge technology. Why is it gaining popularity so quickly?

3D scanner attachment for I-pad

One reason is that 3d scanning is incredibly accurate and fast at capturing the minute details of an object or even a large geographical area. Then it can recreate precise measurements in a computer-aided program. Professionals can then study, manipulate, or use a 3D printer to create true-to-life replica of the object from the scanned graphic.

A three-dimensional scanner uses laser light and reflection that bounces back with the required information of the object that is being scanned.  Historians and even police forces are using 3d scanning technology to further improve the way they go about daily business; for instance, scanners are used to recreate the scene of a traffic accident, or used to view a fossil trapped inside a stone.

More and more business sectors are taking advantage of this technology in some form or fashion, to cut production costs, as well as, save on time and material waste. Now it’s possible to use a 3D printer at a local Staples store, making it possible for more and more of the public to bring their ideas to life.

As with any technology 3d scanning and 3d printing has its critics, but they are few and far between. As it seems the world of three-dimensional technology is one with no limits. We are living in a time where it can affect the education system, health care system, greener way of creating designs, and improve the overall quality of the products that are available on the consumer markets to buy.

The world of 3d printing and scanning is waiting for you to explore it; time to join the trend, you won’t regret it.