3D scanning technology is offering a new way for people to track their weight loss and fitness. A few dozen top of the line gyms, including New York City’s TMPL Gym, are adopting this breakthrough technology to help their members track their progress better than ever before. A full-body 3D scan is taken to generate a highly accurate 3D computer model of an individual. This model is able to show each muscle, where an individual’s body stores fat, and much more.


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Actress Sarah Loman joined TMPL gym to utilize the cutting edge technology. Having struggled with weight, Loman wants to make major changed to her body. By using 3D scanning to create images following each workout, Loman is able to see and compare the images in order to track her progress. These 3D models are able to show her which specific areas she needs to highlight in her workouts. Rather than just seeing a number on scale, these images provide motivating results to users. 3D scanning provides a breakdown of an individual’s weight, showing muscle, water and body fat percentages. This allows for gym dietitians and trainers to develop a workout plan tailored to address each individual’s specific needs. In just four months, Loman has lost 30 pounds and added another 3 in muscle. 3D scanning is revolutionizing how people can track their workout progress.

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